Textbooks Don’t Teach It, But Rainmaking Is Within Your Reach

Commentary by Richard Segal, Daily Business Review

2015-  Richard Ian Segal of Kluger Kaplan Silverman Katzen & Levine

2015- Richard Ian Segal of Kluger Kaplan Silverman Katzen & Levine

I am 31 years old and honored to be the youngest partner ever at my law firm.

I started practicing at the age of 23. I have been practicing for more than 2,500 days, and for the last 60,000 hours of my life there has not been an hour that has gone by that I have not thought about marketing. I was fortunate enough to have senior named partners in my firm stress that the lifeblood of achieving success as an attorney is mastering the law and mastering the market.

Here are 10 tips I have learned along the way. Use this to build your road map, and stick to it.

1. Keep what works for you — Try not to emulate someone else’s marketing path or success. Recognize their path, heed their advice, and incorporate what works naturally for you.

2. Do it naturally — If you don’t naturally like giving speeches, then write articles. Start off with what comes naturally, but then don’t be afraid to push yourself outside of the norm. When it feels natural you will enjoy it more and subconsciously do it more often.

3. Find a place where your story will be well received — Figure out what story you are going to tell. I do almost all of my marketing in Miami Beach. I joined the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce early in my career and quite frankly did not really know how to “work the room.” My grandparents moved to Miami Beach in 1948, my father was born in Miami Beach at Mount Sinai, I was born at Mount Sinai, and my newborn son was just born at Mount Sinai. Starting to see my story? While I didn’t know at first how to work the room, if I could do nothing more than just tell people about my roots in Miami Beach, I was connecting.

4. Trial and ERROR—– Join many different groups and take many people out to business lunches. Then find the place where your story is being received well. Take your internal temperature after each event. If you walk away in a pleasant mood it is more likely that when you were networking you were engaging and likeable. People do business with people they find enjoyable.

5. Light up the room — This is easier said than done, but the quicker you can make it natural, the quicker you will be climbing the marketing ranks. Walk into the room and be bold (not bombastic. Light the room up, don’t just be one light among many in the room.
Read more: http://www.dailybusinessreview.com/id=1202741510463/Textbooks-Dont-Teach-It-But-Rainmaking-Is-Within-Your-Reach#ixzz3qeD1o500

Read more: http://www.dailybusinessreview.com/id=1202741510463/Textbooks-Dont-Teach-It-But-Rainmaking-Is-Within-Your-Reach#ixzz3qeCoLbSz

Court ruling scuttles $44M sale of Walgreens on South Beach’s Lincoln Road









By Brian Bandell

A $43.5 million deal to buy a Walgreens building on South Beach’s trendy Lincoln Road was shot down by an appeals court ruling in favor of a condominium association.

The ruling on Thursday by the 3rd District Court of Appeal clears the way for a trial that could lead to the reversal of the $28 million sale of the commercial condos at 100 Lincoln Road in 2014.

The 13,480-square-foot drug store on the ground floor of the Decoplague Condominium sold in June 2014 to 100 Lincoln RD SB LLC, an affiliate of New York-based Nightingale Properties. Walgreens was the seller. The following month, Daxan 26 LLC filed a lawsuit against both 100 Lincoln RD SB and Walgreens seeking to void the sale.

Walgreens’ Lincoln Road Deal Rejected by 3rd DCA

07/01/14-  Miami Beach-  Walgreens at 100 Lincoln Road.

07/01/14- Miami Beach- Walgreens at 100 Lincoln Road.


By Samantha Joseph, Daily Business Review

It turns out 100 Lincoln Road is not the “corner of happy and healthy” for the Walgreen Co., after an appellate court Wednesday blocked the national retailer’s $28 million real estate deal in Miami Beach.

Walgreens owns four commercial units at Decoplage Condominium, a Miami Beach high-rise on coveted Lincoln Road. Its retail space is part of the large mixed-use project with 625 condos and 42 commercial units on the highly trafficked retail corridor.

That prime space nearly yielded millions for Walgreens in 2014 when the company struck a $28 million deal with 100 Lincoln Rd SB LLC, an affiliate of New York-based private equity group Nightingale Properties.
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Court Won’t Lift Claim On $28M Miami Beach Property Deal

law 360

A Florida appeals court refused Wednesday to remove a claim held by a condominium association on a group of highly desirable commercial units in Miami Beach that Walgreen Co. recently sold for $28 million, issuing what the challenger called a bold ruling that provides a roadmap for overturning the deal.

At the very least, the decision from Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal leaves a cloud hanging over the transaction, with the would-be buyer locked in litigation and effectively unable to move on opportunities to flip the property for a substantial profit.

“This is a huge victory. It’s a game-changer in the litigation, in my opinion,” said Alan J. Kluger of Kluger Kaplan Silverman Katzen & Levine, whose client, Daxan 26 (FL) LLC, says it holds a right to first refusal conferred upon it by the building’s condominium association.

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