Daily Business Review: Litigator Todd Levine’s Passion for Music, Art, Math and Science Helps in the Courtroom

By May 4, 2018

In the realm of litigation, Todd Levine brings a unique blend of legal acumen and artistic ingenuity. Beyond the conventional trappings of a successful litigator, Levine’s passion for music, drawing, and the sciences sets him apart. In this snippet from the Daily Business Review, we catch a glimpse of how Levine’s out-of-the-box approach, forged through a lifetime of diverse interests, redefines the art of litigation.

Levine plays guitar, a bit of bass guitar and some keyboards, and also has a propensity and a gift for math Todd_Levineand science. These skills have proven helpful in the courtroom and in mediation.

By Lidia Dinkova | Daily Business Review Todd Levine Kluger Kaplan

Litigator Todd Levine has all the professional background common among successful litigators: A law degree, years of experience, mentors who guided him when he embarked on his career and a dedication to the job.
But Levine has skills outside the legal field that he credits for his success as well.

Levine is an avid musician who has played guitar since he was about 10 years old, he said. He also draws, plays a bit bass guitar and some keyboards, and has a penchant for math and science. This combination of creativity and a gift for exact sciences have allowed him a more “out-of-the-box” approach to litigation, he said.
Take as an example that time he was in a mediation, and the mediator walked in holding new evidence just presented by the other side that at first appeared to hurt Levine’s case.

But Levine turned things around, he said.

“I had never seen those documents before but I pulled the documents and, frankly I don’t remember what I saw in them but in a matter of five minutes … I found something in one of the documents. I was able to point to this particular aspect of the documents, and I said, ‘This is the reason I will win this case.’ And the mediator’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe that I came up with such a quick response that turned the tables on the other side so quickly. It was because I was able to see something the other side did not see,” Levine recalled.

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