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Family Law

Whether you are entering a marriage or ending one, providing for your future is essential. For individuals who own substantial assets, issues related to marriage and divorce call for considered and compassionate counsel. Kluger Kaplan is experienced in representing high net worth and high-profile individuals in family law matters. Our clients trust us to protect their financial and personal interests zealously while maintaining the highest degree of discretion.

We are experienced litigators and skilled negotiators. But two other characteristics distinguish Kluger Kaplan’s matrimonial practice:

Matrimonial Litigation

Divorce is often better resolved outside the courtroom. But when that is not possible, sophisticated cases should be handled by sophisticated trial counsel. In every case we take, we are strategic, thorough and creative. In divorce matters, that means fully assessing each party’s assets, lifestyles, and needs; and then crafting the strategy that best serves our client.

Matrimonial Agreements

When we say we “craft” agreements, we mean just that. No two clients are alike. Whether the client requires a prenuptial, postnuptial, or separation agreement, each client’s interests are unique. Our thoroughness and care in assessing a client’s present and future circumstances results in agreements that are highly tailored to protecting our client now and in the future.

The first is our understanding of our clients’ desire for privacy and our ability to help them protect it. When matters can be kept out of the spotlight, they are. When issues fall into the spotlight, we are adept at managing and minimizing the glare.

The second characteristic is our compassion. For our clients whose marriages are ending, we understand that it is a time of personal pain and professional disruption. We help guide you through the process while never losing sight of your long-term security and well-being. For our clients who seek prenuptial agreements before a marriage, or postnuptial agreements during a marriage, compassion is equally important.  At these times, emotions can cloud matters of finance. We help our clients reach agreements that are just and equitable for all involved.

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