Dismal Job Market for Law Students? How New Talent Can Help Boutique Firms

By November 13, 2012

By Todd A. Levine
There has been no shortage of articles about the dismal job market that recent law graduates are facing in South Florida.  The consensus is that there are few jobs available for recent grads and that most firms are making lateral hires to avoid the time and costs associated with training new lawyers.
At Kluger Kaplan, we have taken a systematic approach to hiring which includes recruiting recent law grads.  Our clients expect the very best from our firm, and we expect our associates to participate in every aspect of the litigation process.  We hire first year associates so we can groom them from the outset to become high-quality trial lawyers consistent with our reputation.

An “experienced” associate who has spent  four years researching and reviewing documents in a back room has less appeal than a recent grad who can and is eager to learn how to be a trial lawyer.  That said, we recognize the time and resources that must be spent on recent graduates. Even so, we believe it is important for boutique firms with niche practices not to overlook recent law grads who are excited to learn and can be molded to fit the firm, enhance its reputation and help achieve great results for the client.