Is Your Job Killing Your Marriage? One Study Says "Maybe"

By September 28, 2012

By Jason R. Marks
This week Yahoo! published an article that caught my eye.  According to a recent study, there is a correlation between high-stress jobs and divorce rates.  There is also a link between education and marital stability, generally because education tends to lead to higher income and it is no secret that money problems are the root of most divorces.
My practice focuses on the cross-roads of these two opposites: my clients tend to be highly educated but also have high-stress careers.
With most high-stress, high-pressure jobs, it is nearly impossible to leave your work at the office.  My clients tend to be “on call” 24/7 – checking and sending emails late into the night and on the weekends.  When you are unable to disconnect from your job to focus on your family those relationships may suffer; sending one or both spouses to a divorce lawyer.
We are a society of excess, conditioned to believe that making more money leads to happiness. If only it were so.  Unfortunately, making a lot of money is not the golden elixir for a happy marriage, which is why education and high incomes are not necessarily indicative of a long marriage.