Juror Pleads Guilty After “Friending” Defendant

By September 1, 2011

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Repeat after us: Think before you friend or post!
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Juror Pleads Guilty After “Friending” Defendant
by Sarah Kessler
Jurors and defendants are not meant to be friends — even if it’s just Facebook friends.
Four charges of contempt of court probably drilled this point home for 22-year-old Jonathan Hudson of Arlington, Texas. While on jury duty, Hudson sent a Facebook friend request to the female defendant in the case.
He was dismissed from the proceedings following the friend request, as well as for posting case information on his profile. Afterwards, he contacted the defendant through a Facebook message to apologize.
“I pretty much just said I was selected to be on a jury,” The Star-Telegram reports his Facebook message to the defendant read. “I’m pretty upset over this and I’m sure you guys are too. I guess you know what it feels like to be prosecuted too. Good luck with everything.”
His lawyer told the paper the mistake was “a reflection of the times.”
A UK juror who made a similar mistake in June received an 8-month prison sentence. The Texas court went a bit lighter on Hudson.
After pleading guilty to all four charges, he was sentenced to two days of community service.