Justin Bieber sued by Joustin Beaver creators

By February 29, 2012

The Biebs is being sued by the game developers of Joustin’ Beaver after he threatened legal action for using his likeness in a mobile app. The Joustin’ Beaver folks are hoping to be able to market the app under the First Amendment.
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JUSTIN Bieber (pic) is being sued by game developers after he threatened them with legal action for using his image for a mobile app.
RC3, the makers of a game entitled Joustin’ Beaver, admit the app is a parody of the Never Say Never hitmaker’s life, but they are reportedly keen for a judge to rule they are permitted to market the app under the free speech rule of the First Amendment.
In the company’s lawsuit, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, it states: “In an effort to comment on the Defendant’s life, the Plaintiff, RC3, developed the aforementioned App entitled Joustin’ Beaver.
“The App, a video game, is a parody of the commercial success of the Defendant and any celebrity.”
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