Kluger Kaplan’s Lisa Jerles Creates ‘All Before Dinner,’ A Professional Networking Group for Moms

By May 7, 2021

What if being a working mom was seen as an asset instead of a liability?  This was something my All Before Dinner co-founder, Mara and I had been kicking around for a year.  We both had a lot of business to refer and were always looking for new clients for our respective legal practices.  But we found traditional networking models didn’t work for our schedules, which consisted of conference calls in the carpool line and working via hotspot in a parking lot during Little League practice.  We didn’t have time for long lunches and evenings were just out of the question.  We were just trying to do it all and to do it…all before dinner!

All Before Dinner is a networking group for professional moms.   Our goal is to provide personal and professional support by creating a community focused on the needs and interests of working moms.  We prioritize referrals, professional and personal development and networking opportunities to meet other professional moms trying to make it work.

Next week, on May 11, we are showcasing our members to the broader community with our first Business Bootcamp, a panel comprised of, and moderated by ABD members.  Industry experts will talk about current trends in cybersecurity, sales and marketing, trademark and copyright and human resources (read more).

We opened this event up to the public because we wanted to highlight women who are experts in their field.  Our hope is that community members looking to broaden their networks will get to know our panelists and learn from their expertise.  For more information about the event, visit www.allbeforedinner.com.