Michael Landen talks with Associated Press: legal options for Dolphin’s Jonathan Martin

By February 24, 2014

Last week, Kluger Kaplan Partner and labor and employment expert, Michael Landen, spoke to the Associated Press about the possible legal options pro-football player has in his case against the Dolphins.  Check out what he said here…

MIAMI (AP) — The legal options for offensive lineman Jonathan Martin may be limited under workplace discrimination and harassment laws because an NFL-ordered investigation found that neither Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin nor the Miami Dolphins’ top executives knew about the bullying he endured, labor law experts say.
Because his employer was apparently unaware of the problems, it would be more difficult for Martin to win a workplace harassment lawsuit against the team, said Miami labor attorney Michael Landen. And in some cases, Martin seemed to go along in a bid to fit in.
“He seemed to participate and he didn’t report it to anyone at the Dolphins. When he did report it, the Dolphins took immediate action by suspending Incognito,” Landen said Wednesday. “They have some strength to their case because they did have procedures in place and upon reporting it they took immediate action.”

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