Alan Kluger Speaks at the Dade County Bar Association’s Annual Bench & Bar Conference

By February 11, 2013

Last Friday, February 8, Founding Member, Alan Kluger, spoke to attendees at the Dade County Bar Association’s annual Bench & Bar Conference.  Alan spoke about predictive coding and its impact on electronic discovery and about the new changes to Florida’s Rules of Civil Procedure that allow the court to weigh the value of the discovery sought with the cost to produce and to shift the cost to the seeking party.

Alan discussed how predictive coding – technology that essentially allows computers to review discovery documents for certain key terms – will become standard protocol in litigation discovery, cutting down on the number of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars that are currently spent reviewing electronic discovery.

“As technology continues to grow and evolve, it is crucial that as lawyers, we stay educated about how these changes will impact our responsibilities to our clients,” said Mr. Kluger, “Predictive coding can and will cut down substantially on the costs associated with discovery, which is great for our clients and allows the legal team to focus more on strategy and less on document review.  I am also hopeful that the court’s ability to oversee electronic discovery will prevent parties from using the process to extort settlement by threatening costly discovery battles.”

Alan was joined on the panel by several esteemed lawyers and judges from the South Florida community, including General Magistrate Elizabeth Schwabedissen, U.S. Magistrate Judges Jonathan Goodman and Andrea Simonton and attorney Kendall Coffey.