By May 10, 2022

Ryan focuses his practice on complex commercial litigation as well as trust and estate litigation. He was named partner in 2021 after being with the firm as an associate for three years.  

What made you want to pursue a career in law, specifically complex commercial litigation? 

Funny enough, I watched a lot of Judge Judy growing up. If you watch TV judges, a lot of it is purely entertainment, but she is actually an effective cross-examiner and focuses on relevant facts. And ultimately, I enjoy arguing in the courtroom. 

I gravitated towards complex commercial litigation because I like trying to figure out complicated situations.  It also allows me to learn about other industries that I otherwise wouldn’t know much about. While some of the same legal principles are present in my cases, I oftentimes have to learn about a new industry to apply those principles effectively.  

Why did you decide to practice in South Florida and was there anything specific that drew you to Kluger Kaplan? 

I’m originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I love Pittsburgh and will always consider myself a Pittsburgher, but the winters up there are brutal.  Miami seemed like a nice change of pace and climate. I knew I made the right move when I saw people walking around in parkas when it was “cold” in Miami (i.e. below 60 degrees). I am now one of those people. 

I always knew that Kluger Kaplan was a top-notch litigation firm. When the opportunity arose to join the firm and work with some of the most seasoned litigators in the city, I jumped at it. It was definitely a wise move for me.   

Are there any cases that you worked on as an associate that was your favorite or that was particularly challenging and why? 

I wouldn’t describe it as my “favorite” but I think one of the most meaningful cases I ever worked on involved a dispute over the estate of a real estate executive in Miami who had died under very suspicious circumstances. We represented her sister who is an attorney in Miami. The dispute was against the executive’s long-time boyfriend who we believe was involved in her death. It was a very challenging and emotional litigation. Ultimately, we prevailed in the litigation and obtained a judgment awarding the executive’s sister the entirety of the estate. 

I’ve also enjoyed working on some high stakes cases with Alan Kluger and Philippe Lieberman. We just wrapped up a trial that was a fight over who would control a billion-dollar group of venture capital funds and have another trial this upcoming summer over a group of car dealerships worth hundreds of millions of dollars.    

What advice do you have for attorneys who want to make partner? 

My advice is simple: work hard and always try to contribute. You also need to constantly think about what the next steps are and how you can obtain the best result for your client while conserving their time and money. 

How do you spend your time outside of work? (Any favorite hobbies, activities, etc.?) 

Outside of work, I prioritize spending time with friends and family. I also love watching the Steelers and Penguins play and spending quality time with shih tzu, Priscilla. During the pandemic, I took up cycling as a way to get out of the house and get some exercise.