– How I Made Partner – Kluger Kaplan’s Erin Bohannon (August 13, 2020)

By August 17, 2020


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How I Made Partner: Kluger Kaplan’s Erin Bohannon

“Work hard, be sincere, and learn from each of your colleagues. Be up-front about your goals and career expectations. Lastly, do not be afraid to be yourself and to develop your own way of doing things.”

By Tasha Norman 

Office: Miami.

Practice area: Commercial litigation.

Law school and year of graduation: University of Miami, 2011.

How long have you been at the firm? 8.5 years.

How long were you an associate at the firm? 7 years.

Were you an associate at another firm before joining your present firm? I have been with Kluger Kaplan ever since I graduated from the University of Miami School of Law.

What year did you make partner at your current firm? 2018.

What’s the biggest surprise you experienced in becoming partner? When I transitioned to my role as a partner, I realized that as attorneys, our day-to-day process is very similar throughout the years. The real change is how experience allows you to refine your skills and streamline your process.

What do you think was the deciding point for the firm in making you partner? I believe it was a combination of things. I have been with Kluger Kaplan for eight and a half years and have always made it a point to deliver great work from day one. I am committed to my clients and the work that I do and always deliver 100 percent to every case and task I work on no matter how big or small. Additionally, I have been fortunate to have worked closely with each of the founding members and partners at Kluger Kaplan over the course of my career. This has allowed me to develop important relationships and show my colleagues that they could trust me to work on complicated matters and contribute to the team. This also gave me a rare opportunity to learn from each of their unique styles as leaders and practicing attorneys to create my own method of practicing law. Lastly, I made a point to communicate my goals of wanting to grow with the firm and my career expectations, which is important in every profession.

Describe how you feel now about your career now that you’ve made partner. I feel accomplished and recognized for my hard work, which is very rewarding. Becoming partner has also made me eager to achieve more and further reinforces my passion for the profession.

What’s the key to successful business development in your opinion? Being sincere, hardworking, and creative has allowed me to develop meaningful business relationships with potential clients and referral sources. Successful business development is all about building relationships where people can confidently turn to you when issues arise. This is not something that happens overnight and requires years of cultivating professional relationships and demonstrating that you are a trusted advisor and an out-of-the-box problem solver.

What’s been the biggest change, day-to-day, in your routine since becoming partner? Since becoming partner, I have taken a more active role in overseeing the younger attorneys at Kluger Kaplan. I work with our firm’s associates and litigation paralegals individually and mentor them as they develop their skills in practicing law.

Who had the greatest influence in your career that helped propel you to partner? Alan J. Kluger and Abbey L. Kaplan, the firm’s founding members, have mentored me since I was a young associate through today. Alan and Abbey encourage me to take on challenging work and to cultivate my own litigation style. I have learned an incredible amount working with them over the years. Their confidence in me and appreciation for my unique skill set has also encouraged me to succeed and to achieve my career goals.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give an associate who wants to make partner? Work hard, be sincere, and learn from each of your colleagues. Be up-front about your goals and career expectations. Lastly, do not be afraid to be yourself and to develop your own way of doing things.