Litigation Landscape Changes as South Florida’s Economy Rebounds

By July 17, 2014

Industry insiders may be tempted to think litigation is in recession now that South Florida’s economy is on the rebound but as Alan Kluger states in the Daily Business Review, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this new economic cycle, he’s seeing less litigation between business partners fighting for leftover scraps from failed business ventures and more disputes among partners and joint venturers fighting over the fruits of the bounty of success.
He points out that many real estate projects that were previously faltering are now flourishing. So parties that were trying to restructure deal terms to mitigate their losses now want to restore the original deal terms to reap the benefits of the rebound economy.
Kluger also expects to see disputers arise as shareholders disagree over the next steps for their companies, such as whether to distribute or reinvest profits and whether or not to sell.

“As a result, the litigation landscape is changing but not at all dwindling and this is where a sophisticated and industry-savvy attorney can provide guidance and counsel to his or her clients, explaining the various possible outcomes and long-term ramifications,” Alan Kluger wrote in his DBR byline article.

You can view the entire commentary here.