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The Collateral Source Rule in Landlord/Tenant Disputes

By April 5, 2013

By Philippe Lieberman Florida’s Collateral Source Rule is often overlooked in landlord-tenant disputes.  Under the rule, an injured party may recover full damages from a tortfeasor even if the injured party recovers money from an independent third-party such as an insurer.  This rule is often overlooked by litigators but can …

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Using Summary Judgment to Narrow the Triable Issues

By August 22, 2012

By Abbey L. Kaplan An often over-looked part of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure is 1.510(d), which provides that if a court denies a motion for summary judgment, the court “shall ascertain, if practicable, what material facts exist without substantial controversy and what material facts are actually and in …

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Putting the Civil Back in Civil Litigation

By August 7, 2012

By Alan J. Kluger As litigators, it is our job to zealously advocate for our clients.  But sometimes lawyers cross the fine line between barrister and bully.  But that type of antagonistic behavior does not benefit the clients or the legal profession as a whole.  I have built a successful …

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The Supreme Court's Approval Falls To 25 Year Low

By June 29, 2012

Approval ratings are nothing new for the American public. While we’re accustomed to watching our elected officials’ approval ratings rise and fall. Still, it is surprising to see the nations highest court being questioned. The Supreme Court led by Chief Justice John Roberts has been called “The Business Court,” due …

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