Will the Florida Supreme Court Relax Law Firm Website Regulations? It Should.

By September 14, 2012

By Todd A. Levine
Earlier this week, the Daily Business Review reported on the Florida Supreme Court‘s review of the new rules for law firm websites.
I am highly supportive of the push to relax the current proposed rules, particularly the rule that restricts a law firm‘s ability to inform the public about its past successes.  This burdensome restriction prevents law firms from distinguishing themselves from their competitors and restricts a potential client’s ability to be fully informed of a law firm’s capabilities when seeking appropriate counsel.  A prospective client invariably wants to know whether the firm they are researching has had cases similar to their case and what the results were.

While it makes sense to restrict unquantifiable proclamations such as “the best law firm in Miami,” past successes, which are objectively verifiable, will give potential clients an idea of whether a particular law firm can handle his or her case.  In today’s digital age, a law firm’s website is often the first stop for the potential client.  If firms are not able to discuss past successes, all law firm websites will look the same.  In contrast, disclosure of past successes and the types of cases that the firm handles will allow a potential client to make an objective decision about whether to contact the law firm for additional information.
Now that the Florida Supreme Court is reviewing the proposed rules, I am optimistic that these highly restrictive rules will be relaxed.  Stay tuned for further discussion.