Alan Kluger Participates in Israel Bonds Young Investor Society’s Panel of the Founding Partners

By May 24, 2013

On Thursday, Founding Member Alan Kluger participated in a Panel of the Founding Partners hosted by the Israel Bonds Young Investor Society.  The panel, held at the offices of Bilzin Sumberg, featured Alan along with John Sumberg of Bilzin Sumberg and Harley Tropin of Kozyak, Tropin, Throckmorton.

The three founding partners discussed the entrepreneurial experiences of founding and building a successful law firm in Miami.  The panel was moderated by Kluger Kaplan attorney Josh Rubens who was also the event chair and is on the national board of directors of the Young Leadership division of Israel Bonds.
“I was very pleased to see so many young lawyers turn out to this event,” said Alan, “While Miami has grown exponentially since I first went out on my own in 1978, there is still a strong desire among young lawyers to hang their own shingles.  I hope that they learned, from this panel, that those dreams can become reality.”
“This event was extremely well attended because of the stellar reputation and invaluable advice offered to us by these pillars of our legal community,” added Josh Rubens.
Over 75 people woke up extra early, after an overtime Heat victory to attend this spirited panel.