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Associates’ Corner: Commercial Speech and the First Amendment

By December 20, 2012

By Jorge R. Delgado Among the classes of protected speech under the First Amendment, commercial speech does not rank in the highest echelons.  But businesses should not be quick to dismiss a potential constitutional challenge to governmental regulation that improperly infringes on their right to advertise, exchange information, or engage …

Associates’ Corner: iSpy – How iCloud, iCal and iTunes are being used in Divorce Proceedings

By November 28, 2012

By Christina Echeverri With the advent of iCloud and shared family devices, such as laptops and iPads, family law practitioners are seeing how divorcing couples can use these technological advances in divorce proceedings.  While most of the activities I have encountered have been outside the courtroom by embittered spouses seeking to …

Associate’s Corner: Don’t Forget to Reply to Affirmative Defenses!

By August 17, 2012

Associate’s Corner Each month, Kluger Kaplan‘s associates will take to the blog to talk about topics relevant to their practice areas.  This month, Jeffrey Berman reminds us of the consequences for failing to reply to affirmative defenses. Don’t Forget to Reply to Affirmative Defenses! By Jeffrey M. Berman In a recent …