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Daily Business Review: Elder-Abuse Plaintiffs Attorneys Weigh In After Nursing Home Deaths

By September 27, 2017

By: Celia Ampel Daily Business Review September 15, 2017 Elder-law attorneys were quick to weigh in Thursday on the legal implications of eight deaths at a Hollywood nursing home following a loss of air conditioning during Hurricane Irma. Any need for regulatory reform will be determined by the facts as …

Abbey L. Kaplan

Will Dispute Lead to Potential Prison Time for Multimillionaire’s Widower?

By July 25, 2016

by Celia Ampel A South Florida multimillionaire’s widower could face prison time after taking control of assets left to his stepsons and then leaving the country in defiance of court orders. Victor Moskalenko’s actions were the most “disturbing and troubling” behavior Broward Circuit Judge Mark Speiser had seen in his …

Abbey L. Kaplan

Daubert, Frye, or Both: Becoming an Expert on the Standards for Experts

By April 29, 2016

By Gina P. Villar Up until 2013, the standard for admitting expert testimony in Florida was fairly simple to comprehend: any expert opinion based on scientific technique is “inadmissible unless that technique is generally accepted as reliable in the relevant scientific community.” Thus, according to what many attorneys refer to …