Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día: Las finanzas y el desamor: ¡Descubre cómo evitar que tu divorcio te deje en la bancarrota!

Kluger Kaplan’s Christina Echeverri explains what you can do to protect your finances during a divorce.

Una experta en finanzas y una abogada de familia nos explican que debemos hacer para que una ruptura de pareja no afecte tus finanzas.

Christina Echeverri Telemundo

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Un Nuevo Día: Divorcio, ¿con quién debe quedarse con la o las mascotas del hogar?

Kluger Kaplan’s Christina Echeverri explica en Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día quién debe quedarse con las mascotas del hogar. / Kluger Kaplan’s Christina Echeverri explains on Telemundo’s morning show who keeps the family pets after a divorce.

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U.S. Supreme Court Allows Overseas Custody Battle to Continue Stateside: What Does this Mean for Family Law Practitioners?

By Deborah S. Chames and Christina Echeverri

A recent Supreme Court ruling in Chafin v. Chafin sets the stage for future custody battles where one parent is not a U.S. citizen.  In Chafin, the wife is a citizen of the United Kingdom and the husband is a U.S. citizen and a sergeant in the U.S. army.  When Mr. Chafin returned from a tour in Afghanistan in early 2010, he was relocated to Alabama.  Ms. Chafin had been residing in Scotland with the couple’s minor child while Mr. Chafin was deployed.  Soon after returning, he filed for divorce in Alabama state court.

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Associates’ Corner: iSpy – How iCloud, iCal and iTunes are being used in Divorce Proceedings

By Christina Echeverri

With the advent of iCloud and shared family devices, such as laptops and iPads, family law practitioners are seeing how divorcing couples can use these technological advances in divorce proceedings.  While most of the activities I have encountered have been outside the courtroom by embittered spouses seeking to harass each other, your clients online activities can impact the court proceeding; including decisions relating to child custody, time-sharing and property distribution.

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Kluger Kaplan Sponsors Miami Children’s Museum Not-So-Scary Family Halloween Bash

On Sunday, hundreds of children and their families visited the Miami Children’s Museum to participate in the third annual Not-So-Scary Family Halloween Bash.  All proceeds from the event supported the museum’s education programming.  Kluger Kaplan was thrilled to be a third-time sponsor of this spectacular event.  Kluger Kaplan associates Christina Echeverri and Lisa Jerles were members of the planning committee that organized the festivities.

“This event is such a great way for Miami residents to partake in the great programming that the Miami Children’s Museum offers while also supporting a great cause,” Echeverri said, “Kluger Kaplan is thrilled to be a continuous supporter of the museum.”